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It’s not rocket science, during the spring and summer and into fall there is a lot of stuff out there for deer to eat. Whether it’s the food plot you planted, the acorns from the oaks, the corn and beans in the fields next door or the Hosta’s in your back yard, deer have a ton of stuff to browse. But then comes the rut, bucks are busy and calorie intake is second; coming into winter they’re in need of some good feed to replenish but the chow has dried up and is much harder to come by.

There have been a ton of studies on deer mortality in the winter, hardest hit by winter deaths are yearlings. Adult bucks that survive a tough winter and come into spring malnourished produce smaller antlers as antler growth is a year-round endeavor.

Everyone wants a food plot that last into the hunting season, but a plot that last longer into winter and even into spring will not only help deer through the winter but help produce a better-quality herd in your area. A bonus with a winter food source is the possibility that bucks will be feeding on the plot when they drop their antlers giving you an easy place to find sheds come spring.

Our recommendation for over winter plots is the WSS Winter Wonder Mix and WSS Crimson Frost Mix. The Winter Wonder Mix consist of specially selected Guardian Winter Rye and Austrian Winter Peas. The WSS Crimson Frost Mix has high quality Frosty Berseem Clover and Crimson Clovers. Both mixes are designed to provide an essential winter food source for your deer herd.

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