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Prince Equine Feed

  • 50 # 13% MAINTENANCE PELLET For horses with lower activity levels

  • 50 # HORSE SWEET 25% CONCENTRATE PELLET Supplement for all classes of equine

  • 50 # HORSE SWEET 13% TEXTURIZED Complete grain mix for all classes of equine

  • 50 # REGENCY HORSE LO CARB MAINTENANCE Designed for horses requiring starch and sugar restricted diets.

  • 50 # REGENCY HORSE SENIOR PELLET Digestible diet designed to meet nutrient needs without adding stress on the liver and kidneys.

  • Made from premium natural sea salt with multiple trace minerals

  • Naturally provides trace amounts of selenium, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc and more

  • Works well for all classes of beef/dairy cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horses

  • Nature's perfect balance to nourish your livestock

  • Our block's sea salt comes from an ancient deposit and has a broad spectrum of trace minerals

  • Preferred by livestock animals

  • No chemical processing

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