Home Garden Cover Crop Mix

New for the fall of 2019 is our Fall Home Garden Cover Crop Mix.

Soil is dormant outside of the growing season waiting for your crops the following spring but you don't have to leave that soil unproductive in the off months.... plant a cover crop!

Cover crops offer many benefits for your soil:

· Excellent nitrogen fixation

· Adds organic matter to soil

· Aids in weed suppression

Many farmers plant cover crops after cash crops are harvested to keep the soil covered, reduce weeds, prevent soil erosion and add organic material to rejuvenate the soil with nutrients. The same can be true for your small scale home garden.

Five pounds of seed covers approximately 1,000 square feet of your garden.

For best results...

1. Plant after harvest, before freezing.

2. Till ground before planting.

3. Firm soil for flat seedbed.

4. Broadcast seed evenly on planting area.

5. Rake into soil or use roller.