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5 Quick Planting Tips


Courtesy of Legend Seeds

1. Seed Bed Preparation

Avoid Planting in wet soils. Soil is ready if it crumbles when squeezed rather than sticking together in a clump.

Check soil temperatures between 8:30AM and 9:00AM at 5-6 inches in depth, and plant when 50° or warmer.

2. Seeding Depth

Optimal corn planting depth is 2”. It is recommended to not plant less than 1-1/2” deep or more than 2-1/2” deep.

Optimal soybean planting depth is 1-3/4”. It’s better to plant too deep than it is to plant too shallow. Deeper soil depths will have more consistent temperature and moisture.

Optimal alfalfa planting depth is a quarter-inch in a very firm seedbed.

3. Planter Speed

High speeds result in uneven spacing and shallow depth.

Slow down to 4 MPH for most consistent results.

4. Planter Maintenance

Take advantage of your pre-planting down time.

Check and replace all worn parts and review your equipment manuals.

5. Planter Checklist

Review your planter maintenance checklist for proper preparations prior to hitting the field.

Contact your equipment manufacturer with questions.


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