5 Quick Planting Tips

Courtesy of Legend Seeds

1. Seed Bed Preparation

Avoid Planting in wet soils. Soil is ready if it crumbles when squeezed rather than sticking together in a clump.

Check soil temperatures between 8:30AM and 9:00AM at 5-6 inches in depth, and plant when 50° or warmer.

2. Seeding Depth

Optimal corn planting depth is 2”. It is recommended to not plant less than 1-1/2” deep or more than 2-1/2” deep.

Optimal soybean planting depth is 1-3/4”. It’s better to plant too deep than it is to plant too shallow. Deeper soil depths will have more consistent temperature and moisture.

Optimal alfalfa planting depth is a quarter-inch in a very firm seedbed.

3. Planter Speed

High speeds result in uneven spacing and shallow depth.

Slow down to 4 MPH for most consistent results.

4. Planter Maintenance

Take advantage of your pre-planting down time.

Check and replace all worn parts and review your equipment manuals.

5. Planter Checklist