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10 Tips to a Better Food Plot

1. Soil Test. We can help with this. Bring your soil in for testing.

2. At least six months ahead of planting your plot, lime site if required.

3. Select your premium Brier Ridge Mixture or the seed of your choice.

4. Spray for weeds 4 - 6 weeks prior to planting.

5. Till the soil and create a smooth, firm seed bed.

6. Use starter fertilizer similar to 19-19-19 to boost plot development.

7. Plant seeds (Brier Ridge Mixes plant

no more than 1/8" - 1/4" in depth).

8. For clover, chicory and grass food plots, mow plot down to 4" when growth has reached 8" in height.

9. Mow plot down a second time to 4" when growth has reached 8" in height.

10. Energize plot with second fertilizer treatment similar to 19-19-19.

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