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Green Field



wayne 2021_edited.jpg

Legend Conventional Corn

Wayne's awesome corn harvest this year! Ask us how to order Legend

Conventional Corn for your fields! 

Keith 2021.jpg

Bowler, WI


Wittenberg, WI 

Brandon's Bow Buck Harvest in

Wittenberg on September 21st!

Dorothy 2021.jpg

Tigerton, WI

Dorothy's Gun Buck 
November 21st

Keith's Gun Buck

November 20th

brandon gun buck 2021.png

Wittenberg, WI

Brandon's Rifle Buck
November 22nd

Forrest 2021.jpg

Tigerton, WI

Forrest's Rifle Buck
November 22nd


Bowler, WI

Kaitlyn's Bow Buck Harvest in

Bowler on October 17th!

Brittany 2021.png

Tigerton, WI

Brittany's Rifle Buck
November 22nd

dad 2021_edited.jpg

Tigerton, WI

Jeff's Rifle Buck
November 26th

Send us your awesome crops or successful harvest to be featured on our Brag Board!

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