Winter Triticale 50 #

Winter triticale is the best of both worlds, wheat and rye! This annual grain was developed through a cross of winter wheat and winter rye and the desirable traits from both are present in this hybrid.


  • Extremely winter hardy similar to rye but produces quality forage just like wheat.
  • Plant on dry or light soil with no worries. 
  • Drought tolerant. 
  • Excellent for the north where winters are hard. 
  • Do not plant on extremely wet soils. Soil should be well-drained or moderately drained.
  • Moderately tolerant to saline soils. 


When to Plant: Mid - late fall. Plant in fall when conditions will allow for germination before the dormant winter period begins.

Seeding Rate: 80 - 100 lbs / acre

Drilled Seed Depth: 1" - 1.5"


VNS Winter Triticale

50 # bags

Winter Triticale 50 #

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