Wildlife Food Plot Soil Test Kit

Now offering free wildlife food plot management soil test kits! 


A successful food plot begins with the soil. 


Stop in today for a free kit from AgSource Laboratories.


Soil testing is simpler than you think! 


1. Using a garden trowel or spade, collect 15 - 20 samples in a zig zag pattern throughout your plot five to seven inches deep and mix in bucket to form the composite sample.


2. Remove all grass, debris and other material from soil sample. 


3. Remove enough soil from the sample bucket to fill the soil sample bag.


4. Fill out included soil sample submission form and information needed on soil sample bag. 


5. Enclose the sample bag and submission form in prepaid mailing envelope and drop in the mail. 


Results vary on demand / time of year but are usually done pretty quick.


Results include fertilizer recommendations for lime, phosphorus, potassium and soil pH. Results are available online, via email or mailed as a hard copy, whichever you choose on submission form. 


Prepaid mailing label included in kit.


Please note you will receive and be responsible for the invoice from AgSource for your test. In 2019 this test ran about $18.00.


You will not be disappointed! 


Knowledge is power!


Test your soil today! 

Wildlife Food Plot Soil Test Kit


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