Villana Winter Hairy Vetch (AKA Sand Vetch)
  • Nitrogen Fixer
  • Biomass Production
  • Pollinator Benefit 


  • Strong nitrogen fixing and high biomass potential.
  • Great to recharge soils during winter by reducing runoff (more water enters the soil profile through pores created by the vetch residue). 
  • Phosphorus scavenger.
  • Heavy mulch layer provides excellent weed suppression and erosion prevention. 
  • Excellent option to plant with cereal grain (helps with spring control too).


  • Villana winter hairy vetch cover crop legume is a vigorous crop used for fixing nitrogen, biomass production and enhancing organic matter.
  • Winter hairy vetch is an exellent choice for green manure as its low carbon to nitrogen ration (C:N) allows for quick plant decay and even quicker capture of organic material and nutrients in the soil profile.
  • Winter hairy vetch cover crop legume tends to be very tolerant of variable soil conditions, including low fertility environments.
  • Winter Hairy vetch cover crop legume will overwinter in many areas of the country (USDA Zone 3 - 4) withstanding temperatures down to -25 to -30° F, especially where snow is likely.
  • Only vetch that can be fall-seeded and reach maturity the following July in the midwest. Plant August in the north and September in the south.
  • Resistant to grazing and moderately shade tolerant. 
  • Self maintains your food plot by consistantly reseeding itself. However, depending on the ground cover and height, mowing in August may be required for reseeding in year two and thereafter.


In the north, for best results mix vetch (15lbs/acre) with a small grain (wheat, rye or oats) at 50 lbs/acre).

In the south, add crimson clover or arrowlead clover at 10lbs/acre. 


Hairy vetch also doubles as a quail and turkey planting due to its insect production and early seed production when few other desirable plants have yet produced a hard seed. 


Seeding Rate

Mono: 15 - 30 lbs / acre

Mix: 10 - 20 lbs / acre

Forage: 30 - 40 lbs / acre


Seeding Depth: 1"


Seeds / Lb: 16,000

Bulk Density Avg: 52 lbs / ft³

Germination Soil Temp.: 60° F

Days to Emergence: 14

Carbon / Nitrogen Ratio: 10:1 - 15:1


Nutritional Value (varies greatly depending on maturity):

Crude Protein: 26

DM Tons / Acre: 1 - 3

Days to first harvest: Spring



  • Slow to establish
  • Prefers soil pH 5.5 - 7.5
  • Little forage value (seeds and vegetation can be harmful if not managed).
  • Glyphosate alone doesn't work well for control (close mowing or light disc will offer spring control).
  • Without proper management, it has potential to become weed (high hard seed %).
  • Keep off poorly drained sites to aid in spring termination and water conservation.
  • Research shows potential correlation between winter hairy vetch and increased soybean cyst nematode / root knot nematode populations. 


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Villana Winter Hairy Vetch (AKA Sand Vetch)

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