Trophy Rapeseed

Trophy rapeseed is a fast growing brassica that is heat, cold and drought tolerant making it adapted to the USA and southern Canada. 


Best planting for the United States is August - October. Germination occurs when soil temperaturs reach 65° - 70° F. 


Trophy emerges quickly and produces a good fall stand compared to other varieties. This is particularly true when planted late in the fall or when seeded into straw stubble. Trophy is resistant to lodging. 


Northern planting may see a shortened crop life if hard freezes are experienced. Plants will typically not survive intense summer heat or hard freezes. 


Rape becomes more attractive to deer after a frost because the sugar content will become more concentrated. 


Trophy is a canola type rape which produces large volumes of biomass with equal or higher feed values than alfalfa. 


Trophy flowers in 128 days on average. 


Seeding Rate:

Mono: 4 - 6 lbs / acre.

Mix: 2 - 4 lbs / acre.


Trophy Rapeseed

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