Sucraseed Sweet Spot Mix

Reap the benefits of Sucraseed! 

  • Bigger Game!
  • Bigger Racks!
  • Up to 3% improved diet digestibility 
  • Animals are naturally attracted to high sugar grasses
  • Environmentally friendly: 24% less feed nitrogen lost in urine and feces


To create antler mass, deer must obtain and exceed a critical body mass. Antler mass increase will happen at 16% or more intake of protein. Most food sources in the wild, such as corn deliver only 8% - 9% protein; SucraSeed high sugar grasses deliver protein in excess 20%. 


When grazing ordinary grass and other protein sources, animals convert only a fraction of the protein. The rest passes unused as urine and feces, which can be harmful to both the animal and the environment. SucraSeed improves the conversion rate, which in turn allows game to add body and antler mass and avoid harmful pH imbalances. 


Ordinary grasses lack the energy that rumen microbes need to efficiently use the protein available from grass. The SucraSeed line of high sugar grasses contains a higher level of water-soluble carbohydrates (sugars). The high sugar levels provide increased fuel, enabling the rumen microbes to process more of the protein in the grass. The protein is then used to increase the production of meat and antlers. 


Sucraseed Sweet Spot mix contains grasses with higher sugar content & higher energy legumes. Quick to establish & able to withstand heavy grazing Sucraseed should be planted in spring/fall. It is a perennial mix offering a year-round food source. Sucraseed performs well on medium to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun. 


For best results, it is imperative to make seed to soil contact when moisture is readily available. Sow Sweet Spot Sucraseed at a rate of 10 lbs per half acre, fertilize with a common seed starter mix, then smooth soil to ensure good soil to seed contact.


  • Can be used for overseeding existing food plots.


Seeding Rate: 10 lbs / 1/2 acre.


Sucraseed Sweet Spot Mix

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Bag Size
  • 5% Chicory

    10% Fixation Balansa Clover

    7% Ladino White Clover

    10% Frosty Berseem Clover 

    10% Medium Red Clover 

    55% Aber Hsg Perennial Rye

    3% Purple Top Turnips

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