Brier Ridge Rut N Ready Wildlife Mix

A popular, wallet friendly, annual mix is a food source for the whole fall season into early winter! Plant in early fall, 6 - 8 weeks out from killing frost. After a hard frost, sugars will flush the vegetative growth and deer will dig through snow to feed on these leafy greens!

Rut N Ready is a seed mix containing unique brassicas. This unique mix is best planted on light to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun. A portion of the mix will remain green until air temps reach 10° - 15° F.


Planting window for Wisconsin and neighboring states is approximately August 1 - September 15th. 


Seeding Rate: 8 lbs / acre.


Brier Ridge Rut N Ready Wildlife Mix

  • 10% Impact Forage Collards

    10% Vivant Brassica

    10% Premier Forage Kale

    20% Purple Top Turnips

    20% Trophy Rape

    30% Tillage Radish

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