Royal Flush Mix

Royal Flush will surely win you the jackpot this fall!


Rye: Most cold tolerant of the cereal grains. Can reach 2’ – 4’ in height. 12 – 25 percent protein. If planted early, may reseed on its own when mowed in August and produce a second-year crop mixed with its companion legumes.


Oats: # 1 preferred by deer of all cereal grains. 10 – 25 percent protein. Grows on average to 3’ tall.


Ladino White Clover: Best quality, low-maintenance, highly productive, long-lived perennial forage for deer managers in the US. Very leafy plants. Leaves are bigger on Ladino than other clovers. Grow 8” to 12” tall making them competitive over weeds. 25 – 30 percent protein.


Medium Red Clover: Two to three-year perennial. Erect growing to 2’ to 3’ high. Blooming June through August. Excellent option for a low-maintenance, low-cost, high-quality food plot option.


Chicory: Broad-leaved perennial herb in the sunflower family. Drought tolerant with a deep taproot. Protein levels range from 10 to 32 percent depending on growth stage and soil fertility.


Legumes add protein to the mix and are the perfect companion crop for rye by fixing nitrogen in the soil. On the other hand, the rye acts as a nurse crop for the legumes the first month or two after planting by producing vigorous early growth to take the brunt of early deer grazing pressure while legumes develop a root system.

Royal Flush Mix

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