Radium XL Alsike Clover

Radium XL Alsike Clover is excellent for hay and pastures, especially where wet or acid soils exist. Radium XL also grows well in grass mixes.

  • Withstands heavy grazing pressure, but merits management for success 
  • Tolerant to poorly drained soils
  • Survives in poor pH soils


Establishment: Fast
Persistence: Medium
Drought Tolerance: Low
Winter Hardiness: High
Palatability: High
Yield Potential: High
Grazing Tolerance: Medium High


Seeding Rate:
Alone (lbs./acre): 6-8
Mixes (lbs./acre): 2-4
Seeds/lb.: 728,000
Depth (In.): 1/4-1/2


Planting Time:
Mar.-May; Aug.-Oct.
Emergence (days): 7
Life Cycle: Perennial
Soil pH: 6.0-6.5


See Tech Sheet for more details.




Radium XL Alsike Clover

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