Brier Ridge Plot Spike Cold Tolerant Forage Oats

Plot Spike Forage Oats


Spring / fall planted annual species offering spring / summer / fall food source.


Performs well on light to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun.


Late maturing forage oat.


Selected for cold tolerance.


Easy to establish, producing large amounts of forage.


Plant PlotSpike Forage Oats at 100 - 120 lbs / of seed per acre. Apply at least 300 lbs of 13-13-13 or equivalent at planting. PlotSpike Forage Oats respond very well to high nitrogen fertilizers like ammonia nitrate (34-0-0) applied after the plants emerge. 


Planting window for Wisconsin and neighboring states: August 1 - August 30. 

Brier Ridge Plot Spike Cold Tolerant Forage Oats

  • Brier Ridge recommends a 13-13-13 fertilizer type, or similar, for all Brier Ridge products, 200 - 300 lbs / acre and 1 - 2 times per year.