NutraMelk Calf MAX Milk Replacer

Calf MAX is an all milk protein milk replacer specifically developed to allow calves to be fed twice per day and still reach their genetic potential. Calf MAX provides all the milk nutrients a calf requires prior to weaning to maximize tissue and bone growth while preparing the calf for future milk production.


Calf MAX is the perfect all season milk replacer, as it was designed to be fed as nature intended. Thanks to our guaranteed low ash content, calves have more energy for growth without depressing starter intake.


Calf MAX is ideal for automatic feeders. The higher protein and lower fat content allows for maximized growth and development when combined with an automatic calf feeder. The lower fat content won't leave calves feeling full, this helps calves to finish their milk allotments for the day as well as keeping them at the feed bunk eating starter. 


Providing a palatable starter and fresh water are an essential part of any calf raising program. 


  • Quick Mix
  • Auto Feeder Approved
  • All Season

NutraMelk Calf MAX Milk Replacer

    1. Always use potable water and clean equipment.
    2. Measure one half the water required as hot water 120 - 135° F. Carefully weigh the correct amount of Calf MAX Milk Powder. Mix for 2 minutes. 
    3. Add the remaining water required as cold and mix for 1 minute. Feed at 113° F.

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