NutraMelk 30/05 All Milk Balancer

NutraMelk is a state of the art whole milk balancer/fortifier/extender designed to supplement the nutritional requirements of your baby calves.


Why do you need a balancer? Because whole milk is not whole!


Option 1: You have enough pasteurized milk to feed all your baby calves.

Option 2: You utilize pasteurized whole/waste milk but you do not have enough to feed all your calves.


Solution: By adding NutraMelk 30/05 All Milk Balancer to your pasteurized whole/waste milk you ensure that your calves are getting all the nutrition required to promote lean tissue growth and greater stature in calves. As a result, you provide a consistent final product to your future herd replacements.


Contact us for more information on what balancer adds to your waste milk.

NutraMelk 30/05 All Milk Balancer

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