Incredi-Blend 22/20 Unmedicated Milk Replacer

Incredi-Blend 22/20 is an all milk protein milk replacer for dairy beef and replacement heifer raisers looking to cut costs, without sacrificing quality. 


This traditional blend is a higher caliber than our competitors. Incredi-Blend 22/20 from NRV provides more energy per ounce of powder thanks to our guaranteed low ash content. This extra boost of energy results in larger, healthier calves from the same amount of powder, making Incredi-Blend 22/20 the ultimate cloice for a traditional milk replacer. 


Incredi-Blend 22/20 is a traditional all milk protein calf milk replacer designed to be fed at concentration of 4 to 5 ounces per quart at up to 6 quarts per day. 


Easy mix + Economical + Early Weaning + Extra Energy = Incredi-Blend!

Incredi-Blend 22/20 Unmedicated Milk Replacer

    1. Always use potable water and clean equipment.
    2. Measure one half the water required as hot water 120 - 135° F. Carefully weigh the correct amount of Incredi-Blend Milk Powder. Mix for 2 minutes. 
    3. Add the remaining water required as cold and mix for 1 minute. Feed at 113° F.

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