Green River Oats & Peas Mix 50 lbs

Green River Mix from Wolf River Valley Seeds is a 60/40 mix of 60% forage oats and 40%  forage peas. 

Seeding rates: 90 - 110 # / acre when used as a nurse crop for under seeded legumes.


Harvest is generally 55 - 60 days after planting, mid to late boot stage of the oat. 


Overall harvest window for Green River Mix to provide maximum quality forage is 7 - 10 days.


Yields of 3.5 ton DM can be achieved with good fertility.


Proper Nitrogen levels are needed to maximize tonnage. Also responds very well to Sulfur application. 


Excellent fit for heifer, dry cow, or beef rations. 


In stock for the 2020 Spring planting season! 

Green River Oats & Peas Mix 50 lbs

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