Fall Home Garden Cover Crop

After all your vegetables have been harvested and your home garden has been cleaned up, don't let your garden soil rest!


Put it to work on the off months; working for you toward better soil health next spring! Plant our Fall Home Garden Cover Crop Mix


This cover crop mix is an excellent nitrogen fixer. It's great for adding organic matter and weed suppression. Just mow it off in the spring and till it under! 


Fall Home Garden Cover Crop mix is the perfect blend of winter rye, ColdSnap Annual Ryegrass, winter peas, crimson clover and winter hairy vetch. 


How to Plant for Best Results

  1. Till ground before sowing.
  2. Firm soil for flat seedbed with cultipacker, roller or equilivent. 
  3. Broadcast seeds evenly on seedbed. 5 lbs. covers approximately 1,000 sq. ft. 
  4. Rake into soil or use cultipacker / roller again.
  5. Keep a good balance of moisture and breathing room for the seeds until established. Do not over seed or over water. 


5 lbs of seed for approximately 1,000 square feet. 


Fall Home Garden Cover Crop

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  • 40% Winter Rye

    20% Austrian Winter Peas

    20% ColdSnap Annual Ryegrass

    10% Crimson Clover

    10% Winter Hairy Vetch

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