Dutch White Clover

White Dutch Clover is a low-growing forage legume used predominantly in pasture mixtures with grasses. It improves forage quality above a pure grass stand and supplies nitrogen for grass growth. White clover can tolerate close grazing but persists best if allowed a period to recover. Its contribution to forage quality and nitrogen for the grass makes it an excellent legume for pasture mixtures. 


This clover grows low to the ground. It is the clover seed you need to mix with your lawn seed. Boost your lawn seed growth potential with this nitrogen adding clover! 


Seeding Rate lbs. / acre:

Alone: 4 - 6

Mixes: 2 - 4


Establishment: FAST

Persistence: MEDIUM

Drought Tolerance: MED/LOW

Winter Hardiness: MED/HIGH

Palatability: MED/LOW

Yield Potential: HIGH

Grazing Tolerance: MED



Seed Tag:

Pure Seed: 98.45%

Crop Seed: 0.14%

Inert Matter: 1.16%

Weed Seed: 0.25%

Noxious Weeds: None Found

Origin: OR

AMS: 661

Tested: 12/2019

Germ: 72%

Hard Seed: 18%

Dutch White Clover

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