Brier Ridge Deer Country Trail Mix

Planted in spring / fall, this perennial mix offers a year-round food source. Deer Country Trail Mix was formulated to be a quick and easy establishing mix that can withstand full sun to more heavily shaded areas. It contains species that can perform better than others in areas such as logging roads and trails located directly in the woods. Keep in mind, broadleaves and grasses do need some sunlight to grow. 


Performs well on light to heavy soil types in moderate shade to full sun. 


Very quick and easy establishment makes this mix perfect for novice food plotters!


Offers shade tolerant species.


Wisconsin and neighboring states approximate planting dates are May 1 - June 30 & July 15 - Sept. 1. 


Seeding Rate: Drilled 10 lbs / acre. Broadcast 15 - 20 lbs / acre.


Brier Ridge Deer Country Trail Mix

    • 10% Radium XL Alsike Clover
    • 20% Forage Sweet'ner
    • 20% Berseem Clover
    • 20% Intermediate White Clover
    • 15% Crimson Clover
    • 15% Creeping Red Fescue

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