Brier Ridge Deer Country Point Builder Plus Mix

Excellent choice for plots along wood lines or open areas. Deer Country Point Builder Plus offers rapeseed as a fall annual but is full of high quality perennial clovers, a high sugar perennial reygrass blend and chicory. The perennials provide a luscious plot for following years when managed correctly. 


Spring/fall planted perennial mix offering year-round food source. 


Performs well on medium to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun.


Contains grasses with higher sugar content & higher energy legumes. 


Wisconsin and neighboring states approximate planting dates are May 1 - June 30 & July 15 - September 1. 


Seeding Rate: Drilled 15 lbs / acre. Broadcast 20 - 25 lbs / acre.


Brier Ridge Deer Country Point Builder Plus Mix

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