Birdsfoot Trefoil 50 lbs.


Top of the list of what deer prefer, ranking below alfalfa and clover.

Warm-season perennial legume originating from the Mediterranean region that is adapted to poorly drained or low pH soils.


  • May reseed itself
  • Resistant to root rot and insects
  • Responds well to fertilization
  • Most productive on fertile, well-drained soils (pH above 6.0)
  • Has the ability to produce relatively high yields and quality on land that is too acidic or otherwise marginal for alfalfa production.
  • Also known as the poor man’s alfalfa
  • Shorter lived crop than alfalfa
  • Fine stems and more leaves VS alfalfa
  • 12” – 30” tall depending on whether it is a prostrate or erect yellow variety
  • Flowers are yellow.
  • Brown to purple seedpods radiate from stem to branch, resembling a bird’s foot.
  • Withstand severe winters and cold temperatures.
  • Slow growth rate and small seed size, therefore good seeding practices and weed control are essential.


Seeding Rate

Mono: 10 lbs. / acre

Mixed with perennial grass such as timothy (5 lbs. / acre) or perennial ryegrass (15 lbs. / acre) broadcast.

Rates cut in half when using a seed/cultipacker or no-till grain drill.


Seed in late August or September in the north or October in the South, or better yet, in March in the South, or April in the north when more rainfall is usually available for young seedling. Seed at ¼” deep. Inoculate at seeding with proper strain (K) or Rhizobium bacteria before planting so it can properly fix atmospheric nitrogen. Fertilize at planting 300 lbs. / acre of 0-20-30 fertilizer. If possible (but not necessary) use lime to bring the pH value up to 6.0 or higher.


Considerations: Trefoil has weak seedling vigor when establishing stands.


Good choice for deer plots especially when soil pH is a problem and lime application is impractical.


See tech sheet for more detailed information on the variety we have in stock!

Birdsfoot Trefoil 50 lbs.

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