Brier Ridge Autumn Energy Mix

Early fall planted annual species offering early / late fall food source. 

Autumn Energy in a mix of PlotSpike Oats, purple top turnips and Soil First Select Daikon Radish. 


Performs well on light to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun.


Portion of mix will remain green until air temps reach 10° - 15° F.


Optimally planted 6 - 8 weeks prior killing frost. Wisconsin and neighboring states plant August 1 - September 1. Food source in late fall to early winter. After hard frost in fall, sugars will flush the vegetative growth of the turnips and radish offering succulent forage. PlotSpike Oats will grow quickly and provide extensive leafy forage for deer to browse from early fall into cooler temps due to their winter hardiness.


Seeding Rate: 40 - 50 lbs / acre




Brier Ridge Autumn Energy Mix

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  • Brier Ridge recommends a 13-13-13 fertilizer type, or similar, for all Brier Ridge products, 200 - 300 lbs / acre and 1 - 2 times per year.

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