Windham Winter Peas

Windham Winter Peas should be planted in late summer or early fall - best if planted 6-8 weeks before frost. Windham Winter Peas are highly prefered by whitetails. It is easy is establish as a fall food plot. 


  • Sweeter than Austrian type peas preferred by deer and other wildlife.
  • Quick Growth
  • Improved Winter Hardiness over Austrian peas
  • Upright Semi-Drawf Peas with High Biomass Potential. 
  • Light loamy soil is where production is best, but any soil type will do.
  • Just like any food plot, the soil pH for Windham Winter Peas should be 6 -7.
  • The addition of nitrogen (N) fertilizer isn't necessary since Winter Peas are a legume, they will produce their own. However, phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) should be added at the recommended rate based on a soil test.
  • Inoculate for best results and a healthy plot. Doing so will help plants withstand adverse weather conditions and heavy browsing. 


Windham Winter Peas should be planted in a well prepared seed bed.


Seeding Rate (lbs. / acre):

Drill: 30 - 80 

Mix: 10 - 30

For Forage: 40 - 60


Seeding depth with drill: 1"


Seeds / lb: 2,000


Carbon / Nitrogen Ratio (C:N): 15:1 - 20:1


Avoid planting Winter Peas in pure stand. It is best to mix Winter Peas with other preferred species to extend the life, minimize crop failure and curve over grazing. Plant with companion of various clovers or cereal grains. See our WSS Winter Wonder Mix!





Windham Winter Peas

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