Arrive Alive ™ Electrolyte Supplement Calves, Lambs, Piglets, Foals

Arrive Alive ™ is an electrolyte nutrient product for shipping, receiving & heat stress.


  • Creates a "reservoir" of fluid, nutrients and energy which helps reduce tissue shrinkage. Research with electrolyte solution shows +2.8 lb. heavier carcass weight. 
  • Provides the rehydration, nutrition, electrolytes and energy needed for a good start. Calves that received electrolyte solution on arrival achieved + 5 - 9 lb. more weight gain, 1/2 the rate of scours and 1/3 the re-treatment rate. 
  • Provides vital fluid for respiration and transpiration to keep pace with body cooling. Water intake dramatically increases when temperatures rise about 75° F. Feed 2 - 3 gallons of Arrive Alive ™ per day between feedings. 


Remember, a calf's body is made up of over 75% water and all calves must consume approximately 10% of their body weight in fluid each day. During the first week after arrival, feeding schedules may not supply enough needed water, especially due to shipping upset & small gut capacity. 


* Continue feeding milk or milk replacer when using Arrive Alive ™. This product won't interfere with milk replacer digestion. 

Arrive Alive ™ Electrolyte Supplement Calves, Lambs, Piglets, Foals

  • Dextrose, % min..... 70.0%

    Salt, min..... 9.5%

    Salt, max..... 11.5%

    Potassium, % min..... 1.5%

    Glycine, % min..... 0.5%

    Sodium, % min..... 4.5%

    Sodium, % max..... 5.5%

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